4/09/ 2014, 8:03 pm 35mm, analog photography, backstage 9
by merav ben loulou

11_16 8 10 13Model: Litay Marcus for Elinor Shahar Personal Management | Hair: Sagi Dahary | Make up: Netta Szekely for MAC



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by merav ben loulou IMG_6394 IMG_6406 IMG_6416 IMG_6427 IMG_6434 IMG_6436 IMG_6442 IMG_6460 IMG_6480 IMG_6484 IMG_6489 IMG_6493 IMG_6310 IMG_6314 IMG_6323 IMG_6325 IMG_6329 IMG_6331 IMG_6332 IMG_6353 IMG_6367 IMG_6371 IMG_6376 IMG_6378 IMG_6381 IMG_6175 IMG_6182 IMG_6186 IMG_6196 IMG_6228 IMG_6235 IMG_6246 IMG_6248 IMG_6251 IMG_6265 IMG_6267 IMG_6283 IMG_6291 IMG_6296 IMG_6026 IMG_6039 IMG_6045 IMG_6053 IMG_6060 IMG_6075 IMG_6081 IMG_6107 IMG_6113 IMG_6141 IMG_6144 IMG_6152 IMG_6163 IMG_5944 IMG_5946 IMG_5966 IMG_5969 IMG_5973 IMG_5991IMG_5998 IMG_6003 IMG_6011 IMG_6019 IMG_6022 IMG_5909 IMG_5911 IMG_5917 IMG_5925 IMG_5933


| Renuar | Backstage | SS15 |

© Merav Ben Loulou photography. All rights reserved.

Castro F/W14 – Backstage

24/08/ 2014, 3:01 pm backstage, black and white film, Castro 6

IMG_4648 IMG_4664 IMG_4687 IMG_4693 IMG_4698 IMG_4727 IMG_4734 IMG_4746 IMG_4798 IMG_4808 IMG_4823 IMG_4825 IMG_4836 IMG_4851 IMG_4864 IMG_4900 IMG_4905 IMG_4969 IMG_4970 IMG_4979 IMG_5038 IMG_5041 IMG_5049 IMG_5062 IMG_5064 IMG_5125 IMG_5155 IMG_5170 IMG_5176 IMG_5177 IMG_5217

Beauty City

by merav ben loulou


Beauty City, the grand celebration of sales in the cosmetics department of Super-Pharm. Production: Motty Reif   PR: Zevik Dror Hair: Roy Sych Make Up: Vered Spivak Styling: Shalev Lavan & Keren Naftali

IMG_0113IMG_0004 IMG_0011 IMG_0023 IMG_0046 IMG_0048 IMG_0049 IMG_0064 IMG_0070 IMG_0105IMG_0534 IMG_0118 IMG_0141 IMG_0144 IMG_0174 IMG_0199 IMG_0243 IMG_0263 IMG_0272 IMG_0306 IMG_0310 IMG_0312 IMG_0338 IMG_0339 IMG_0373 IMG_0390 IMG_0393 IMG_0401 IMG_0417 IMG_0434 IMG_0446 IMG_0495 IMG_0503 IMG_0515 IMG_9919 IMG_9928 IMG_9974 IMG_9991by merav ben loulou

Lanvin Backstage AW 14/15

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by merav ben loulou

Men’s Fashion Week started yesterday in Paris and will end on Sunday, June 29th. Last season I had the chance to shoot backstage during LANVIN’s show, and the luck to be present during the rehearsal.

With pins in the models’ hair and Alber overlooking from the side, I captured a moment during one of the most memorable shows.

Lanvin Backstage AW 14:15 from meravbenloulou on Vimeo.


For more photos from the show:

The NB School of Design | Wizo Haifa Academy of Design | 2014

by merav ben loulou


“I believe the uniqueness of our program that produces great designers who can contribute their creativity and originality to the fashion world is the ongoing exposure they receive over the course of four years to the real demands of the fashion industry” (Ran Shabani, Head of the Fashion Department)

by merav ben loulou

IMG_9260IMG_9271 IMG_9286 IMG_9464by merav ben loulou IMG_9461 IMG_9431 IMG_9407 IMG_9362 IMG_9353 IMG_9341IMG_9303 IMG_9492 IMG_9516 IMG_9520 IMG_9542 IMG_9554 by merav ben loulouIMG_9581 IMG_9603 IMG_9606 IMG_9609 IMG_9683IMG_9675 IMG_9652 IMG_9647 IMG_9643 IMG_9623 IMG_9620 by merav ben loulouIMG_9652 IMG_9675 IMG_9676by merav ben loulouIMG_9705 IMG_9711by merav ben loulouIMG_9875 IMG_9866by merav ben loulouIMG_9857by merav ben loulou IMG_9838 IMG_9835by merav ben loulouIMG_9691I believe the uniqueness of our program that produces great designers who can contribute their creativity and originality to the fashion world is the ongoing exposure they receive over the course of four years to the real demands of the fashion industry.  Ran Shabani  Head of the Fashion DepartmentIMG_9813 IMG_9810 IMG_9788 IMG_9787 IMG_9783 IMG_9778 IMG_9769 IMG_9759 IMG_9754  IMG_9748 IMG_9743 IMG_9742 IMG_9740 IMG_9739by merav ben loulou

Production: Smadar Ganzi

Hair: Tapiro

Make up: M.A.C Israel


Henrik Vibskov AW 14/15 – Paris Mens Fashion Week


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Henrik Vibskov AW 14/15 | During Paris Mens Fashion Week | Jan 2014 | Backstage

Two Sides to Every Coin

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by merav ben loulou

1 2 3 4 5 6 7Throwback. Gindi Tel Aviv Fashion Week. Hair and Make by Miki Buganim Academy.


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12 34a 4b 57 812by_merav_ben_loulou14a15 1619 18

Sample SS 14

Hair and Make Up: Nirit Hirshman | Assistant: Yifat Ohayon

Assistant Photographer: Amit Shemesh

Catherine Baba


bymeravbenloulou meravbenloulou

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