Memphis Collection

by Merav Ben Loulou | 28.04.16

Yael Keila Sagi is a statement jewelry brand based in Tel Aviv, and founded in 2012.

Yael is a fashion designer who graduated from Shenkar Collage of Engineering and Design in 2010. After working in the fashion industry for two years she decided to launch her own brand, focusing on hand-made statement jewelry. Jewelry was a side project of hers for quite a while, especially those made from everyday material – items that people do not generally consider to be jewelry material. The designer thought, however, that these materials created the most elegant, beautiful pieces of fashion. As the demand grew, she decided to focus on making unique, high-fashion statement jewelry: dramatic, noticeable pieces.

“Memphis” is her latest collection. The collection was born from a strong will to create new, fun, sculptural, innovative jewelry – both childlike and authentic. On her hunt for inspiration, she was drawn to an 80’s design group called ‘Memphis’. This significant design movement challenged the idea that products had to follow conventional shapes, colors, textures and patterns. Their designs were eccentric, vibrant, ornamental, colorful, aesthetic, humorist and made of many different types of material.

The guidelines of “Memphis” group along with her natural tendency for urban monochromatic aesthetics have created a collection of sculptural, geometric items, which are bold and made out of hand painted oak wood, mixed with marble and crackle paint.

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by merav ben loulou

Photography: Merav Ben Loulou
Photo Assistant: Amit Shemesh
Hair & Make Up: Yifat Ohayon
Model: Valeria


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